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Cyndee Bogard

Creative Consultant & Artist

"Simplistic designs are my passion and I am a firm believer in the power of persuasion. Let me help you grow your web/print presence with my creative eye and proven skills. Email by clicking on the envelope below or by calling 1.510.407.5282 so we may begin the collaboration process". 

Cyndee holds an advanced certification in web design from an accredited DETC school of design where she gained invaluable strength in visual design. In addition she also holds a professional certification in marketing as well as a bachelor's of science in liberal arts degree with a dual focus in business management and visual and performing arts.

Cyndee is a dedicated, creative, task-driven professional with over 20+ years of experience working with clients. She has outstanding organizational skills, proven knowledge of computer programs, excellent communication, problem solving, and relationship building skills.

As a lifelong learner she continues to build upon her skillset through ongoing professional development.

Selected Clients

- Cary's Designs

- Emma & Bee


- Jerry Rice

- Customized Services

- Pyramid Storage

- Bay Area Screen

- Alive

- Baby Couture

- Kids Yoga


- Alpine Insurance


- Indigo Sage

- Amber Evans

- Dashboard Data

- Just Kidding Around

- California Tacos

Print, Web, Branding & Art Direction. 


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